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Capricornio Coffees is strongly engaged and involved with social and cultural actions in the regions and with international partners and is deeply aware of its environmental responsibilities.

Therefore, it carries several activities inside its Four Seasons Project aiming at spreading the news and sharing knowledge on new cultivation techniques, coffee plant care, soil management, agricultural practices, residuals disposer and water conservation. With Global Warming happening, it is clear to researchers that this area will be more and more important in coffee-growing since frontiers will start to move down again to areas with mild temperatures, away from droughts and intense radiation.

Capricornio coffee is part of the Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide, a worldwide initiative aiming at stablishing a fair price for the specialty coffee market that reflects the immense, hard and complex work put into place to produce a special coffee. The guide proposes to determine the right amount that will cover sustain and pay all of the production chain, especially small farms owners, often struggling by the commodity quotation.

Women in Coffee Project

Our idea is aligned with that one of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and its Brazilian Chapter, that is, to empower women in Brazil and in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry, from seed to cup.

In these two regions and in these 69 cities, Capricornio Coffees offers support so that women in coffee conduct good agricultural practices at their estates, does quality control for coffees produced at these farms as well as finds opportunities and commercializes these coffee lots, adding value to the hard work these women have to produce specialty coffees.

Coanop Cooperative


Founded in 2000, but with a special focus in coffee beginning in 2012, this cooperative gathers more than 380 families, producing together more them 30,000 bags of natural coffees and honeys at its Coffee Preparation Center in São Jerônimo da Serra. All Specialty Coffees Lots exported by Capricornio Coffees.

Light Missionaries

Choir Social Project

This incredible project, run in partnership with California Coffee Estates, one of Four Four Seasons Project Members, aims at working with children and youth to show them the power of music, especially in choir singing. Singing helps us promote many significant concepts, such as: learning to coexist with others and to harmonize, accepting and respecting others, promoting peace, and finally understanding the importance of one's heritage and culture. Recent studies have shown that choir singing plays an important role in the enhancement of the psychological wellness of singers, increases their self-esteem and self-confidence, trains them to become more disciplined, and increases their memory capacity. All these benefits of choir singing improve the general social skills of singers. The advantages of choir singing are numerous and their effects on children are extremely powerful in their general upbringing.

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