Brazilian Coffee School

Our Academy was born due to the belief that there is a lot to be shared and a lot to be learned about coffee in our country and overseas. The demand for coffee education and classes has been increasing over the years. Many people travel today to origin to visit countries, farms and regions. Since specialty coffee consumption is also rising in Brazil, we get a lot of students from different states.

Annually, we also open our doors and give free training to children who are members of “The Young Farm Apprentices” Program, carried in partnership with Senar Institute/FAEP.

Target Audience

• Coffee roasters;
• International buyers and employees of these
companies seeking an immersion course in coffee;
• Owners and employees of coffee shops, bars,
restaurants, bakeries, hotels, and other consumption
spots in Brazil and around the world;
• Baristas and barmen;
• Professionals and students of Gastronomy, Tourism
and Business;
• Journalists, and

• Coffee lovers.

Modules of the courses

Coffee agriculture;

Production, manual and mechanical harvesting;

• Sun-drying, mechanical drying, parabolic drying beds;

Wet milling, dry milling;

Coffee cupping, espresso and cappuccino; 

Preparation and different brewing methods - French Press, Hario, Chemex, Aeropress, Siphon, Moka and many others.


Eung Zoo Yon 

Korean – USA – Los Angeles

Barista Academy and buyer

I came to Brazil in 2016 as a member of the jury of Cup of Excellence. I visited many farms, but Capricornio Coffees was the only one to give me a clear answer about Brazilian Specialty Coffees and I started purchasing green beans from them because I trust their passion and deep understanding about coffee. As a coffee professional in the USA and in Korea, I can say Capricornio Coffees and its Academy are the right places to get some hands-on experience about coffee from seed to cup


Sabrina Cuculiansky 

Argentina – Directora Exigí Buen Café and Journalist

We had an amazing experience at Capricornio Coffees. I already knew the quality of Brazilian coffees, but what Capricornio Coffees is doing with its farm partners is wonderful. The research they are carrying has impressed me, mainly in post-harvest management, different processing methods, dry milling, the use of different yeasts like in wine and many other things I had never heard of in my life and I believe a few people in the world have. 

Educational Partners


International Internship Program

At Capricornio Coffees we simply like people, we love to learn from them and share. That is why we have just started our International Internship Program open to students who want to have a real coffee experience at origin, develop a program together, have networking opportunities, live in a different culture and much more. You can follow what participants will be experiencing by reading their blogs.